Vision and Mission

Our Mission:

All the students who join Universal International School, should find a happy environment where they are encouraged to nurture a lifelong love for knowledge and all wholesome activities that help develop body, mind and soul. When they are ready to move on from here they should take their knowledge and everything else they have learned here, improve upon it and pass it on to those younger than themselves. This makes U.I.S. , the tree that branches out and gives life , love , protection , knowledge and discipline to so many others in the world’s society.

Our Vision :

Universal International School is proud to be a multi religious, multi cultural and multi ethnic institute that builds within youngsters a foundation for success through a formation program, which is rooted in the students’ own inherited beliefs and we emphasize faith, leadership, academics, and service. We aspire, through the grace of the Almighty, to be recognized as the best academic institute in Sri Lanka.

Our Philosophy:

Universal International School is presently a day school for girls and boys in Kindergarten through Eleventh Grade. We build within youngsters, a faith-filled foundation for success, rooted in each child’s own pillars of prayer within their family, religious education in school, study and community service. On the foundation of these pillars, we along with parents, who we believe are a child’s primary educators, strive to form well - rounded youngsters who are aware of the importance of faith in all aspects of their lives.

In the belief that study helps students better understand universal truths, academics are based on curriculum standards and moral values that will create a foundation for lifelong learning. Universal International School strives to recognize the God-given talents of each student. We stress the importance of community and how to relate to others as leaders and team members responsible for the success of one another. The importance and joy of learning and sharing knowledge with others is inspired through opportunities for service to the school community as well as the local community.

U.I.S Learning Expectations

A student at Universal International School, rooted in the UIS philosophy is trained to be a youngster who:

Makes good moral choices that reflect his religious and cultural values
Demonstrates self-respect, self-discipline, honesty, integrity, and compassion
Respects diversity with concern and acceptance for all
Is committed, involved, and responsible
Obeys rules and accepts authority
Demonstrates competency in basic skills
Is able to analyze, think critically, and problem solve
Uses imagination and creativity to explore and discover
Is able to utilize technology and communicate effectively
Shares gifts, talents, and knowledge
Is active in recognizing the needs of the earth and environment
Demonstrates a spirit of service in family, school, place of worship and community
Has a sense of duty, commitment, involvement, and responsibility
To learn more about Universal International School’s unique mission and vision, please request for more information or contact our admissions department on 00-94-777-810-740